Web Research Projects

Gourmet Food Products: Web Research on Classification, Food Products, Flavors, Characteristics, Opportunities, Market Size, Food Niches, Strategies, Trends, Innovations. [Client: USA]

Kitchen & Bath Dealers: Web Research on Type of Products, Key Competencies, Marketing Strategies, CRM Practices by various Dealers, Competitors. [Client: USA]

Gas Station Companies: Web Research on Competitors, Products & Services, Prices, Quality, Trends, Innovations, Software, CRM, Heavy Users. [Client: USA]

Organic Food Products: Web Research on Products, Characteristics, Distribution channel, Market, Trends & Innovations. [Client: UK]

Mortgage Industry: Internet Research for key people selling ITO & BPO services to the mortgage Industry, Data Entry to Database. [Client: USA]

Law Firms And Lawyers Database: Internet Research for Key People in this Industry from U.K., Australia, New Zealand & Canada, Region wise separation. Data Entry to Database. [Client: U.K.]

Hotels Contact Email Database: Internet Research for contact emails in this Industry, Region wise separation, Data Entry to Database. [Client: U.K.]

Optics And Photonics People Database: Internet Research for Key People in this Industry, Data Entry to Database. [Client: Switzerland]

Private Equity Companies Database: Internet Research for Key People in this Industry, Data Entry to Database. [Client: Switzerland]

Marketing Products to Women: Internet Research on Best Communication Practices by Industry to target female consumers, Automobile, Tech Companies, Home Improvement, Trends, Products for women. [Client: USA]

Consumer Electronics Products Database: Web Research on Latest Products by Top Tech Companies, Characteristics, Specifications, Data Entry to Database. [Client: USA]

Excel to MYQL: Over 12,000 resume details were converted to MYQL database and uploaded in a job board portal based in UK. [Client: UK]

Guest Book, Blogs and Forum Registration and Entry: This is a search engine optimization work that involved becoming a member in various online scientific communities. [Client: USA]

Mailing List Creation: Building a list of emails of prospective clients for the promotion and distribution of their products/services.

Sending Ecards: Sending the initial contact email to employees clients and prospects. [Client: Switzerland]

Web and Mailing List Research: Searching of relevant data from the Company’s’ web site and collecting several type of information like Contact Information, Investors, Industry. [Client: Canada]

Parsing Resumes: Collected resumes based on specific parameters from job boards.

Link Building: Search engine optimization using manual link exchanges from similar sites. [Client: India]


Data Entry of visiting cards form scanned images. [Client: UK]

Data Entry of court case details from a book. [Client: USA]

Online Data Entry of University Programs & Courses, Codes, Descriptions, and many other specific data fields directly on the server. [Client: USA]

Insurance Forms Possessing: Online processing of forms for an insurance website. [Client: India]

Data Conversion from Product specification data in excel spreadsheet to html to be displayed in the form of product specification tables on the website. [Client: USA]

PDF to Excel Conversion: Data entry of information from PDF files to excel spreadsheet with 15 fields. [Client: USA]

We have considerable experience in catering to the needs of companies based in U.S, U.K, Australia, and E.U etc. Outsourcing of the above services to our offshore office based in India usually results in savings up to 60 –70% for our clients.

Outsourcing your data entry and processing requirements to us can help you save time and money. Contact us