More and more companies are increasingly outsourcing their non-core activities in order to reduce operating costs, improve processes and focus on their core competencies. India has the largest skilled English speaking and engineering manpower in the world. It has emerged as the most popular offshore outsourcing destination and can effectively address all your data entry and processing needs. India’s advantage in terms of its huge workforce and knowledge base results in an unbeatable combination of high quality with low costs.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is currently the most important management trend and in future organizational success will be directly dependent upon its ability to leverage outsourcing relationships effectively.

WebCPA reports:

73 percent of respondents who outsourced a financial process said that outsourcing increases "the rigor of business processes because they're better defined and documented."

A report from the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that global outsourcing returns 45 to 55 percent in net savings to corporations, with added profits from the sale of American products (especially IT) to run the offshore operations. Catherine Mann of the Institute of International Economics concludes that the price of personal computers dropped in the early '90s because U.S. chip manufacturers moved offshore and reduced chip prices by about 10 to 30 percent.

The world's most revered chief executive Jack Welch has introduced a new rule. It is called the 70:70:70 rule. Apparently, it has also been e-mailed to GE employees across the world. Welch has decided that 70% of GE's work will be outsourced. Out of this, 70% will be done from offshore development centers. And out of this, about 70% will have to be done here in India. This ultimately boils down to about 30% of GE's work being outsourced to India.

The critical four phases of the outsourcing life cycle are:

  • Desegregate work process activities internally
  • Prepare roadmap for outsourcing externally from business service providers
  • Understand the work process for which outsourcing has to be conducted and the technology involved
  • Draft a service level agreement (SLA)

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