Data Conversion

Seetek Systems offers a wide range of data conversion services that exceeds international standard in terms of quality and timely execution.

Our vast experience in this field has provided us with the ability to quickly set up and complete jobs that requires sophisticated data entry, editing or formatting.

Our services related to Data Conversion services:

  • Database Conversion: access to mysql, excel to database etc
  • PDF conversion: PDF to text, HTML etc.
  • HTML conversion, XML tagging
  • Document conversion
  • Extracting data from Catalog

Some of the recent works that we have done:

Data Conversion from Product specification data in excel spreadsheet to html to be displayed in the form of product specification tables on the website. [Client: USA]

Excel to MYQL: Over 12,000 resume details were converted to MYQL database and uploaded in a job board portal based in UK. [Client: UK]

We have implemented a large number of data conversion projects from around the globe. We use the latest tools in technology to meet and exceed our clients' goals to deliver cost-effective services. Output is available in word processor format, spreadsheets, database, ASCII files or any other custom option.

See our projects done page for more information.

We have considerable experience in catering to the needs of companies based in U.S, U.K, Australia, and E.U etc. Outsourcing of the above services to our offshore office based in India usually results in savings up to 60 –70% for our clients.

Outsourcing your data conversion and processing requirements to us can help you save time and money. Contact us