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Web Data Mining

Web Data Mining is a technique used to crawl through various web resources to collect required information, which enables an individual or a company to promote business, understanding marketing dynamics, new promotions floating on the Internet, etc. There is a growing trend among companies, organizations and individuals alike to gather information through web data mining to utilize that information in their best interest.

The information collection through data mining has allowed companies to make thousands and thousands of dollars in revenues by being able to better use the internet to gain business intelligence that helps companies make vital business decisions.

The collected information is used to gain more knowledge and based on the findings and analysis of the information make predictions as to what would be the best choice and the right approach to move toward on a particular issue. Web data mining is not only focused to gain business information but is also used by various organizational departments to make the right predictions and decisions for things like business development, work flow, production processes and more by going through the business models derived from the data mining.

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