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Offline Data Entry Services

What is Offline Data Entry?

The act of entering or filling of information into a spreadsheet, list, database, or word processors without having to use the internet is known as ‘offline data entry.’ With the modern trend of companies operating their businesses online, there are still a large number of fields that rely on this type of information processing. Financial companies, medical outfits, law firms, and other business outfits more often handle sensitive data of their clients, without the need for internet connection. Consequently, the clients’ information is kept classified and private; and also it saves cost, as the companies’ overheads are kept low, since there is no need for web forms and online database system.

At Seetek, we offer fast, comprehensive and cost effective offline data entry services. We shall ensure you and your business’ growth, both in competency and productivity using our knowledge along with our several years of experience rendering high end offline data entry services. We will adjust our services to meet effectively with yours and you would be amazed by the fast turnaround, regardless of the volume of your data entry requirements.

Seeteksystems, the Best Outsourcing to India Organization:

• We are versatile, and we guarantee your data entry to any preferred digital format of yours.
• We have the best turnaround rates. Our professionals have the capability of accomplishing the most complex of projects fast without recourse to compromise as a result of rigors and quality.
• We guarantee 100% security of your data with us.Seeteksystems has Information Security Management’s certification,and has provided a foolproof security system to prevent any unauthorized access to your precious data
• Our rates are the most economical in the industry. When you make us your offline data entry services outsourcing to India partner, you make significant cost savings.
• We at Seeteksystems is certified for Quality Management System and perform offline data entry with a nearly 100% accuracy.

We also perform the following operations:

• Tax forms data entry
• Data entry of survey forms
• Invoice, receipts and bills’ data
• Entry of MS Word document data and filling Excel sheet
• Offline data entry from one type of format to another
• Entry of data into database programs
• Collection of offline data
• Offline form processing
• Offline entry of insurance claims
• Offline data capture
• Offline data entry from image files, websites and mailing lists
• URL list collection
• Offline form filling
• E-books entry, business cards entry, catalogs’ and labels’ entry

For your offline data entry India and all projects outsourcing to India, Seeteksystems is your best choice in terms of cost effectiveness, timely delivery of service, unequaled expertise.