We are an outsourcing company based in India that provides a wide range of data research, data entry and I.T. Enabled services.

Data Capture and Collection Services

It cannot be gainsaid that data, in whatever format, plays a great role in the success of any business or project, either online or offline. There is a great collection of data which businesses handle and process. The data could be structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Often, these data are in hardcopy form, which limits their flexibility and versatility. It then becomes difficult to search through this array of hardcopy data that require a large infrastructural space to store.

With modernization and increasing trend in business and organizational development, the need for storing hardcopy data in electronic formats has necessitated and made imperative, data capture and collection.

Data capture involves getting a snapshot of data from one source. At Seeteksystems, we have in place a wide range of manual and automated data capture and collection services to make capturing your paper documented data and storing it in readily retrievable digital formats.

Whether your data are numeric or textual, we have manual data entry services professionals, who would manually enter your data with utmost precision and timeliness, easily. The automated data capture services have the use high-end technologies like Barcode technologies, IMR, ICR and OCR.

Thinking of outsourcing to India? Search no further, Seeteksystems is your best choice as a result of the following facts:

• We have the best team of professionals that are adroit at handling a broad range of digital formats. At your request, your captured data will be entered in the XML, SGML, HTML, PDF, TXT, RTF, MS Word or MS Excel format.
• If requested, we are capable of coding and indexing your captured data for easy searching and retrieval.
• We offer best data entry services at affordable cost. When you give us your outsourcing to India jobs, you are able to save a substantial percentage of costs charged by our competitors.
• At Seetek, timely turnaround is the unique feature that ranks us higher among our contemporaries.

We can provide you with data capture and data entry services of the following:

• Trade show contacts
• Telephone Directories
• Survey Data
• Resumes
• Questionnaires
• Mailing Returns
• Mailing List
• Loyalty Card Applications
• Legal Documents
• Invoices
• Insurance Claims
• Hospital / Medical Bills
• Enrolment Forms
• Customer Lists, Warranty Registrations
• Company Reports
• Business Forms
• Business cards and catalogs
• Books, manuals, periodicals, research papers etc.

Contact us for more information, and have your inquiries answered to your satisfaction. At Seetek, your satisfaction is our vision.