We are an outsourcing company based in India that provides a wide range of data research, data entry and I.T. Enabled services.

about us

Seetek Systems is a company that provides its customers with various IT enabled and data entry services. We are an outsourcing company that provides a wide range of IT and data entry services at affordable prices to any business or company. We are experienced professionals that help a business or company organizing their data and provide positive progress a lot.

“Customer Centric – Progressively Innovative”

We have handled a lot of data entry and data processing projects around the world. Along with delivering services at affordable rates, we use all latest technologies to satisfy the needs of our customers. We provide the output of processing in customized formats e.g. word processor, PDF, HTML, XML etc.


What we provide?

• Web Research Services
• Forms Processing Services
• Data Processing Services
• Data Conversion Services
• Data Entry Services

Salient features:

• Quality
• Security
• Savings
• Infrastructure

We do not compromise over quality. All services that are provided by us are of high quality and reliable. We use international standards in our processes to ensure Quality. We provide efficient and effective services for high volume data entry processes.

“One stop Shop for all your data handling!”


Data is the most important asset of a company in today’s world. No company leave its data unsecured. We have state of the art security and backup systems for the data of our customers, so that itensures the safety of data and provide satisfaction to the customer. They can take our services for ease of their mind.


As we are located in India where we can easily find labour at low cost. So we can provide you with our high quality services at really low rates. You can avail our data conversion solutions and save your money.


We have excellent infrastructure that is fully air-conditioned and comfortable. The landmark location along with the main Delhi ring road enable a 12-24 hours turnaround time.

We have vast experience of working with USA, UK, Australia and Europe based companies.
Customers can save up to 60-70% by outsourcing their work to our offshore office in India. For more information, you can visit Projects done page.

Save your time by getting our services for your data entry and processing needs. Contact us or
email us at info@seeteksystems.com.


We handle your bulk work so you have more time to create success!

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